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Perfect Pixels Web Design Network Security TLS hacking ARP Spoofing

Securing your customer's connection helps strenghten security and Google results. Find out why we do it!

Online privacy has gained a lot of media coverage over the last decade. Protecting your customers data from hackers and other malicious eyes has become very important. Transport Layer Security or TLS, means that the connection between your customer and your website is encrypted. If anyone is trying to snoop on what your customer is doing, they will only see an encrypted string of letters and numbers. You might not think this matters very much, but without encrypting this traffic, it is possible to change what your customer sees, redirect them to another website, or even steal their username and password. This is even more important when your customer is accessing your website from a public WiFi connection.

Perfect Pixels Web Design Network Security TLS hacking ARP Spoofing

Google and other online giants have come out strongly in favour of using strong TLS, in fact, Google rewards websites for using it by increasing their search result placing. Read more here. At Perfect Pixels, we use very strong TLS, and we also force the encryption of all traffic, on every page and with all your websites content. This helps protect you against weak cypher downgrade attacks, network sniffing and the spoofing of requests. We choose to do this as standard for every website we make, because we believe that a secure internet is good for business, and an essential part of a good code of practice.

Published on : 04 January, 2017

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