Our Starter Package. What Exactly is a Landing Page?

Landing Pages can be a very cheap, compact & mobile friendly way of displaying your website.

The meaning of a landing page is often confused. IN days gone by, 'Landing Pages' were used by some developers to try and boost google rankings and give users an un-necessary 'entrance gateway' to a website.

Nowadays, a landing page website is a 'single page' site which contains all the necessary informaion you wish your customers and visitors to find quickly and easily.

The Upside
Landing Pages are especially useful for perosnal or small business starter sites since everything your customer needs is in one place and does not require jumping to other pages to find what they need. Typical landing pages may contain information on you and your business, pricing tables, contact details and so on. Only when your business requires more detail, would we suggest having a multi-page site - where customers may wish to 'drill down' into more detail.

The Downside
Depending on content size, this may make a Landing Page slow to load especially on 3G mobile connections. A multi-image gallery for example, will need to 'load' before the visitor can view your site. Of course, this can be overcome by moving heavy page load sections to other pages. In other words, having the gallery on a page of its own. In essence, switching from a landing page to a multi-page site.

In many cases, using a simgle page for ease of use and accessibility is a great way to start your online presence. But of course, not all bsuiness websites can be simplified in the way Landing Pages are designed for - and hence the need for MUlti-Page sites.

Our Starter Package is a landing page style site. And our Premium Package is a Multi-Page site. With Prices from GBP 250 all inclusive, a well designed landing page is a fantastic way of getting your business or personal website online and working for you.

Published on : 05 February, 2017

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