Legal & Copyright Image Sourcing

Sourcing images that are free, custom designing graphics, licensed images.

Use the perfect images for your site, without worrying about copyright. Why does that matter?

Using the right images on your website is critical to get the look and message right. People like to spend time to find the right aesthetic, and often they change their mind a few times and mix things around. It can be really tempting to use Google to find images that look perfect, and with a right click of the mouse, you can save that image ready to be used. It's simple right? The problem is, images can have liscensed uses and if they do a website can have legal action taken against it for using that image illegally. These days, webhosts often take punitive action to suspend a website even without a court order. That's not good for business or your reputation.

Sourcing images that are free, custom designing graphics, licensed images.

We take the responsibility of finding legal images to use on your website, where we can we prefer to use your own images and we can arrange to have a photoshoot done for you. Alternatively, we use graphic editing tools like PhotoShop to make images, and where necessary we source royalty free stock images that require a small fee to purchase a license for. If you've ever received a copyright infringement notice for the illegal use of images, you'll understand why we take legal image sourcing so seriously. Let us take the worry out of finding and using the right pictures, icons, animations or photographs for your website, they'll be completely legal and the perfect fit.

Published on : 06 January, 2017

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