Free Web-Hosting for your 1st Year

Free, secure hosting for the first year! Why do we offer free, 1st year hosting?

Getting everything organised for a new website can be time consuming and overwhelming. Our ethos is to help you get online as easily as possible. That's why we decided to include free hosting for your website for the first year you are with us. We use very powerful Linux servers in the United Kingdom, Germany, USA and Hong Kong so no matter where your customers are, they will access your site as quickly as possible. A faster loading website also helps with Google search ranking. Having instant access to the server your website is hosted on means we can make changes, improvements, or add content extremely easily. We also know our configurations and settings inside out.

Securing Business Email
We also include a variety of email account solutions to match the design package you've opted for. We can have an email set-up for you in no time, and we can also help you set your email account up to work on your PC, phone or tablet. We include spam protection as standard on all your emails, and we constantly review spam protection on your website and inboxes.

Securing Your Website Traffic
Also, we use very strong TLS certificates on all our websites in order to protect your customers and your business. Using our own servers to host your site means we can deliver you a first class, all round IT service.

We don't simply build you a website, we give it a home.

Published on : 06 January, 2017

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